In one of our recent articles, we tackled ‘Elevate Your Home Work Space’ to optimize and increase efficiency while working remotely. The little things truly make a difference in the long run, from internet connection to lighting and location. Keeping in mind those tips and tricks, we will go over creative and innovative solutions on where you can build up your unique at-home workstation! Not everyone has a spare bedroom or vacant corner of their home to transform into an ideal space for a desk. Below are some images of different setups to consider when working on your own home office!

Closet Office:
At first thought, a closet might seem like a cramped and small space to comfortably work in. However, this has become a reasonably commonplace solution for both students and professionals doing work remotely. Not only is a closet tucked away and separated from your main living areas, but it also is typically the perfect size to fit a chair and counter for your laptop/computer. For added storage, shelving can be installed above if it does not already exist - giving you spots to place notebooks, picture frames, and anything else you may want or need.

Classic Corner Desk:
When thinking of desks, what often comes to mind is a rectangle or square size, which can be hard to fit into some apartments and condos. Sometimes all you need is a corner! Using a corner desk built to nestle against the wall at an angle, you can still get the aesthetic you are looking for with the same level of functionality, only smaller!

Ledge Space:
Like the previous corner desk solution, using a high-mounted ledge with tall bar-style chairs also saves space and creates a unique look that will set your workspace apart from others. This station style could also work for multiple people, allowing couples and roommates to have their own section of the ledge.

Converted Counter:
While avoiding using kitchen or table spaces as a desk is recommended, converting small areas meant for appliances or storage can work just as well as other solutions. Ensuring you have all the necessities such as outlets and room for a chair would be the most pressing things to consider. If done correctly, you could have a quaint and compact desk anyone would be jealous of.

Entertainment Center Office:
One of the larger options seems like an obvious solution but isn’t one that immediately comes to mind. Entertainment centers have become a popular part of modern homes, carving out space for storage, decorations, TVs, and other appliances. Why not transform that dedicated area into a sizeable workstation? Generally equipped with outlets, room for screens, and shelving to place notebooks and materials, you’ll be set up in no time!

Wall Mounted Convertible Desk:
If you’re looking for a solution that feels modern, futuristic, and still saves on space – a wall-mounted convertible desk may be just what you are looking for! Not only does it fold up and away when you don’t need it, but it also comes with storage and shelves to hold your materials and décor. This desk could also double as a small table for your apartment or condo, saving you additional room overall.

With the pandemic still at the forefront of our world's stage, working from home is expected to become more mainstream and be brought indefinitely into the future.

Finding ways to integrate our work and home lives more seamlessly together will provide peace of mind to employers and employees alike.