Are you considering relocating your family to Calgary? The facts speak for themselves as to why Calgary is one of the best places to live in Canada if you have kids. 


Compared to other major cities across Canada, housing is cheaper, there is no land transfer tax, gas is more affordable, and there's no extra provincial sales tax (PST). This means Mom and Dad have more money left over at the end of the month for the fun stuff, and who doesn't love the fun stuff?? With less money going towards housing, transportation and goods/services, extracurricular activities such as weekend trips, holidays, sports, etc., are back on the table!

Calgary: $527,400
Toronto: $1,104,000
Vancouver: $1,155,300

Calgary: $0
Toronto: $24,950
Vancouver: $14,000

Alberta: 5%
British Columbia: 12%
Ontario: 13%


No matter which way you look at it, Calgary offers a dramatically shorter commute to the office than in other big cities. If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, your commute could easily be 60 minutes each way, while in Calgary, this could drop down to 20 minutes in each direction, giving you an extra 80 mins PER DAY or 6.5+ hours PER WEEK to spend with your family. Anyone with young kids knows that a long commute often means almost no time with the kids after work before it's time to start the bedtime routine. In Calgary, you could have time to hit up the park before supper 5 days a week. Imagine that! PLUS, the inner city and downtown areas are super cyclist-friendly so that you can ditch gas transport altogether and even fit in a workout. Feel that? It's the weight of "the rush" lifting already!


...and lots of them! Calgary's public school system is fantastic. We have regular, Catholic, French immersion, and Spanish immersion options throughout the city, all with stellar teachers and educators. Or, if you prefer, Calgary also has a number of charter schools offering specialty programming without the added fees of the private system. Have the money for a private education? Calgary has some amazing private schools from K-12. And, as the overall average school score in Calgary ranks higher than the Alberta and nationwide averages, no matter what type of school you decide on, you can rest easy knowing your child is getting a good education in Calgary. 

Take a moment to research all the school options using this handy comparison tool from Fraser Institute.


Calgary ranks #1 for the sunniest city in Canada! According to WorldAtlas.com, we see 333 sunny days and 2,396 hours of sunshine every year. Unlike most of Canada, Calgary also enjoys regular breaks from the cold Winter months thanks to the amazing phenomenon called a Chinook, where warm air comes over the mountains and brings with it a sudden and significant warming of temperatures. Calgary sees about 30-35 Chinook days a year, where temperatures can warm anywhere from 13-25 degrees, sometimes in a matter of minutes! What does this mean for families? Well, anyone with children knows that Winters can feel very loooooong indeed when it is cold and everyone is cooped up indoors. It is much easier to get the family outside when it is +10 and sunny in December!


Speaking of getting outside, Calgary has tons of local parks to explore. Our favourites include Fish Creek Park, Edworthy Park, Sandy Beach, Bowness Park, Nose Hill Park, North Glenmore Park, and South Glenmore Park. These are great for cycling, walking/running, skating, and more. Plus, city-run recreational facilities abound - bringing fitness, swimming, and more within easy reach. 

To bring the point home, here are some fun stats about our parks:

According to the Canadian City Parks Report 2022
    - 56% of Calgary's parkland is natural area
    - There are 6.7 hectares of parkland and green space per 1k people (that's a lot!)
    - 10% of the total city land is parkland
    - We have 159 dog parks (dog lovers rejoice!)
    - You can choose from 1,137 playgrounds
    - ...and last but not least, there are 59 community gardens/urban farms


Who doesn't love the Rocky Mountains? They're majestic and breathtaking, truly a sight that can lift one's spirits after spending time in the city. Whether you prefer to look at them as you drive by, climb to the top of every peak possible, or somewhere in between, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and even horseback riding are all within a 90-minute drive of Calgary! The kids can escape the "concrete jungle" and get outside to explore nature in Kananaskis, Mom and Dad can enjoy shopping in Banff, and the whole family will enjoy staying in quaint and friendly Canmore


Calgary offers a lot of great family attractions and activities within city limits. Local favourites include the Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark Science Center, Heritage Park, Winsport/Calgary Olympic Park, and Calaway Park. There are a lot of indoor play centres if the weather isn't great, but when the weather IS great, it's easy to find an outdoor pool or splash park to enjoy. In the warmer season, it's fun to check out local farms like Saskatoon Farm, Granary Road, and Cobbs Adventure Park. In the colder season, lace up your ice skates to skate local ponds and lakes or gear up for sledding at a nearby hill. When you need to mix it up and are willing to take a little road trip, Drumheller is also a great family adventure to visit the Royal Tyrell Museum and walk among the dinosaurs for a day. 

Overall, Calgary is a great city for families, and we love it! If you're considering a move, we look forward to welcoming you to our city soon. Please reach out to us with all our real estate questions, and it will be our pleasure to help you find what you're looking for and answer all your questions about relocation. For more information, check out our Relocation Services page!