Anh Ta


Speaks: English, Vietnamese



If you ask Anh where she gets her entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic, she'll tell you it runs in the family. Growing up in a household of ambitious restaurant owners, Anh was inspired by the determination and hard work that her parents demonstrated. Her parents' passion and commitment to exceptional customer service shaped Anh's values and work ethic. They instilled in Anh the importance of proactively resolving issues before they escalate and that being attentive to more minor problems helps prevent them from becoming significant challenges. These valuable lessons have shaped Anh's approach to serving clients as a realtor, always striving to go the extra mile and provide exceptional service.

One of Anh's strengths as a realtor is her ability to actively listen to her clients and guide them in choosing the right property. Additionally, Anh's ability to analyze market trends and conditions enables her to accurately assess property values and negotiate favourable terms for her clients, ensuring the best possible deal. By keeping a pulse on the ever-changing real estate landscape, Anh can leverage this information to secure advantageous deals, providing clients with accurate, relevant, and valuable information.

As a realtor, Anh is dedicated to utilizing her expertise and knowledge to help clients navigate the complex world of real estate. Whether clients are buying or selling, Anh's goal is to provide the guidance and support needed to make the best choices for any situation.